About Us

At Shepard Therapy Center, rehab is about the relationship between you and your therapist. You will never compete with other patients for your therapist’s attention. We believe that focused, compassionate care, with a twist of humor, helps you get the most out of your treatment sessions. That is why we are the only clinic in Bacon County to specialize in one-on-one personal attention starting with up to 2 hours for your comprehensive evaluation and then followed by a full one hour for each of your treatment sessions, customized just for you and your specific goals. Because your personal comfort and privacy is important to us, our sunshades on the windows will provide privacy without blocking your view outside while in our main gym area. We also provide private rooms for those who need a more discreet environment during their treatment.

In many medical settings, healthcare has become more electronic and in the process the personal experience is getting lost in this transition. Although we use EMR (electronic medical records) to improve documentation, streamline billing, and reduce red-tape, we also know that listening comes first and that eye contact is essential. We take customer service seriously. To us, that means not only providing excellent clinical care, but also having an administrative staff that is friendly and receptive to your needs. We answer our phone so you speak to a real person without having to go through a menu of automated systems, prompts and options. We participate with many of the major insurance companies and verify your insurance so you know exactly what your insurance benefits are for therapy services BEFORE your first appointment.

At Shepard Therapy Center, we don’t pass the buck. We work with your doctors, family, coaches, and case managers to tackle the challenges that make your case unique. No two patients are the same and we know that everyone needs someone by their side in the recovery process. We are your partner!

Feeling better starts with feeling at home and that’s just how you’ll feel the moment you walk through our door, which will open automatically for you, right into our living room. Our wall of windows allows for tons of natural light keeping the energy level high and fun, and for those late afternoon appointments, you’ll have a front row seat watching the gorgeous sunset across the blueberry fields and behind the pine trees.

If you’re still not convinced we’re the right fit for you, we invite you to stop in anytime to check us out, ask questions, or just say hello. We can’t wait to meet you!